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Chargers Daily Links: Reaction to Patrick Mahomes’ new deal

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Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

No one could really believe it when the news first broke on Adam Schefter’s Twitter account. But, of course, with news of that caliber everyone had to check to make sure the Twitter handle was correct and not some parody account looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

But the news was true. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has reportedly signed a 10-year — 10 YEAR(!) — contract extension that will tie him to the team through the 2031 season.

When the compensation came out, I’m sure people had to do another double-take. The 10-year extension is worth $450 million. Yes, almost half a billion dollars.

As Chargers fans, this news is the absolute worst for obvious reasons. We all knew it was coming, but even I didn’t think the Chiefs would be in THIS much of a rush to make sure Mahomes was never getting out of their sight.

Just the AFC East and the Patriots, I think the AFC West is going to have to deal with their own budding dynasty within the division. The Chiefs have won the AFCW each of the last four years. Is there an end in site? God, I hope so.

So what are everyone’s thoughts on the extension? What were you reactions? Anyone just need a place to vent? Feel free to use this as a discussion thread.

Now for today’s links.

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