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Things I hope to see on HBO’s Hard Knocks

It’s going to be one entertaining show.

Oakland Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The new season of HBO’s Hard Knocks is set to premiere on August 11. It will be the first time the cult-favorite has featured two teams at the same time and this may be the show’s perfect and only chance as the Chargers and Rams will be sharing SoFi Stadium, along with a city, from here on out.

The show gives really cool in-depth and intimate sights into a lot of the behind-the-scenes action that take place during training camp. There’s chances to see players off the field and interacting with their families as well as maybe doing some non-football related activities. Plus we’ll potentially get a chance to know the players on much deeper level and that’s a great way to help build and solidify a fan base.

So with that being said, here are the three biggest things I hope to see on this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Melvin Ingram in the studio recording a new track

I touched on this topic in a links post from a couple of weeks ago and I’m going to revisit it here because I really, really hope we get an inside look at him pursuing his other massive passion aside from football. My feelings towards this have only gotten stronger after Ingram arrived at training camp on Tuesday in a blue Slingshot jamming out to one of his own tracks. And I mean he was GETTING. IT.

So far, “Painting Pictures” and “Breaking Point” are my two favorites tracks that he’s done so far. Honestly, I’m hoping he’s working on a new song dedicated to the 2020 season due to the plethora of “newness” that has surrounded the team: new stadium, new jerseys, new players. It’s all there to write a banger.


Austin Ekeler and his new gaming platform Gridiron Gaming Group

Back on July 8, Ekeler announced the unveiling of his new venture, Gridiron Gaming Group. Per it’s website, GGG is “a full-service esports & gaming team for professional athletes.” Their mission statement says that they’re dedicated to helping professional athletes “expand their brand into gaming” while simultaneously allowing them to monetize their respective communities that they’ve worked hard to build.

Essentially, it’s going to be a professional eSports team that’s sponsored and funded by Ekeler while doubling as a new platform for players - like teammate Derwin James - who find themselves at the forefront of NFL players who are passionate about the gaming community. If you haven’t already, check out James’ Twitch stream where he plays a ton of Madden 20 (hint: he’s really good).

Ekeler’s put a ton of work into his own personal brand, as well, and his own Twitch stream has grown tremendously after the former UDFA started posting at-home workouts during the beginning stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s honestly really cool to see athletes break the mold and branch out into other passions outside of being “just a football player” so anytime I have the chance to see them in their more natural habitats I’m definitely jumping at it.

Joey Bosa doing uncharacteristic things now that’s he’s super rich

It’s not surprising by any means but Bosa doesn’t live like the majority of other NFL players. He’s pretty frugal with his money and I can’t recall a single memory of him doing anything that involves nice cars, jewelry, or crazy vacation trips. But now that’s he’s landed a record-breaking contract extension, I’ll be curious to see if he’ll they show anything on Hard Knocks that portrays Joey finally spending a little of that hard-earned dough.

Maybe it’s just the car of his dreams or a brand new gaming setup since he’s a big Call of Duty, but getting the chance to see Bosa break his normal character and throw a band or two around would be hilarious. Like, imagine him talking to the media in a new jumpsuit while he’s flushed with jewelry, a la that old Ryan Fitzpatrick meme photo.

Kinda like this:

It would be my new Twitter profile pic for the entire season. No questions asked.

So these are the main things I hope to see once the show premieres in - whoa - less than two weeks from now. It can’t come soon enough. HBO GO free trial here I come!