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Notes from Tom Telesco’s video call

TT was talkative, informative, and just happy to be back in the building.

NFL: FEB 28 Scouting Combine Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

LA Chargers general manager Tom Telesco met with the media on Monday for about 30 minutes and touched on a wide array of topics that included a chance for a Joey Bosa contract extension, health protocols, how the coaching staff is evaluating the roster during a pandemic, and players potentially opting out of the 2020 season.

Here are just my general thoughts on the conversation and notes that I think are worth hearing:

  • Jeff Miller of the L.A. Times asked Telesco point-blank if any players on the team have approached him about opting out of the season. He said zero players have said anything about the matter. He expects all 86 players to show up on Tuesday.
  • Speaking of players showing up, TT was asked if he expects Joey Bosa to show up tomorrow even without signing a contract extension. He’s always kept negotiation talks close to his chest, but it sounds like there has been no drama involving that situation. It would be a surprise if the Big Bear was a no-show.
  • TT mentioned that it’s actually more like Day 3 for the team since the rookies reported earlier than the veterans. The rookies were actually out on the field earlier today going through some walkthroughs with masks on. On a side note: you got to see the rookies wearing the new powder blue and white practice jerseys which look B.E.A.utiful.
  • Check out Justin Herbert here getting some work from under center:
  • I asked Telesco if the coaching staff has implemented anything new to their evaluation process due to the pandemic to help them evaluate the roster without needing to see them on the field. He couldn’t name anything specifically, but he mentioned that Anthony Lynn can get creative and he knows the staff will figure out the best way to see what they have before making a ton of cuts.
  • On that same note, it sounds like the Chargers aren’t in a hurry to cut anyone prior to Tuesday’s official report date. The NFL is allowing teams to wait as late as Aug. 16 before they cut down to 80 players. The Chargers currently have 86 players on the roster.
  • When discussing the 2021 cap and how it could drop to as low as $175 million, Telesco said “We’re set up pretty well for 2021, no matter what happens.” If that doesn’t give you a semblance of hope when it comes to the Chargers re-signing all of their important players.
  • Telesco started off the meeting discussing his thoughts on the current set of protocols laid out by the NFL and their medical advisors. He said they are definitely “strict” and “stringent” but he’s confident that, as a league, everyone will do what’s necessary to get through this season.
  • Lastly, Telesco was asked if they had any announcements planned in the way of players who have tested positive that would subsequently be placed on the new IR list. He said they’ve got nothing to announce and that they’ve had zero positive tests among their players.

Overall it was a solid conversation with TT. Nothing too enlightening but he didn’t just feed us “coach speak” or rather, the general manager version. He gave us what he could and I think that was a decent amount.

Happy Monday and Go Chargers, baby.