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Austin Ekeler hosts a training session w/ Herbert, running backs

Ekeler live-streamed the workout on his personal Twitch account.

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

On Wednesday, RB1 Austin Ekeler live streamed a workout over on his Twitch for fans to view while also getting the chance to win some signed footballs and other cool swag. Ekeler was joined by rookie quarterback Justin Herbert and fellow running backs Justin Jackson, Joshua Kelley, and Derrick Gore.

The stream was essentially the first real chunk of football that Chargers fans have been able to watch since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In a normal offseason, we all would have seen a good deal of players on the field with each other from OTAs and rookie mini camps but those were all unfortunately canceled. Although it’s just a handful of players involved, this was a breath of fresh air to see.

Ekeler, himself, looks absolutely massive, especially when you compare him to how he looked when he first made the Chargers. Kelley also stands out quite a bit standing next to the other running backs. He told me earlier this year that he has been between 212 and 220 in his career but he’s most comfortable playing at 215.

The entire workout is just an hour long with the backs going from warmups, to working handoffs from under center and shotgun, and then they finish things off by running routes with Herbert slinging them the rock. This is also the most we’ve gotten to see Herbert throw, record or live, since he was drafted in late April.

Some highlights:

  • Jackson: “Some kid over there thought I was Travis Scott.”
  • Ekeler said his favorite touchdown was the game-winner against the Colts in week one of last year.
  • A viewer asked if Ekeler was jealous of Herbert’s hair.
  • When asked how many touchdowns he is going to score in 2020, EKeler said “more than last year.”
  • Ekeler paced out seven yards to show viewers how far away he was from 1,000 yards receiving in 2019.

Check out the workout below and if you haven’t go ahead and give Ekeler a follow if you’re an avid Twitch user, as well.