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Open Discussion: Would the NFL consider playing on Saturdays in the fall?

With college football impacted by the pandemic, some NFL games may be shifted throughout the weekend

NFL: DEC 29 Chargers at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As we all inch closer and closer to NFL season, the more it looks as if there may not be a college football season running parallel with it.

Unlike the NFL, college football doesn’t just deal with those who are involved with the football team, it involves the entire university and their staff. If students aren’t allowed back in classes, then why should student athletes? I mean, the NCAA stresses enough that the “student” part comes first, but apparently not in a nationwide pandemic.

Earlier this week, the Patriot League made the announcement that they will be canceling their 2020 football season. As of Thursday, the MEAC conference also announced they will not have any football played in the fall, either.

While some of the smaller conferences have been making the final call on their seasons, the fate of the FBS and their Power 5 schools is still very much in the air. The Big Ten Conference announced earlier this month that they plan on playing a conference-only schedule should fall sports go on as planned which was soon followed up by the Pac-12 who made the same decision with their fall sports.

It’s really starting to look like only the biggest and most successful programs will be able to make it all work in 2020. And while those are usually the teams the majority of fans want to watch anyway, it’s still no less devastating for players at lower levels of competition.

But what if the lack of college football on Saturdays later this year mean that the NFL could branch out and fill some of those prime slots? It certainly would help out those who don’t possess NFL Sunday Ticket or another streaming service to be able to see more than just the local games in their area.

Personally, heck yeah I’d love to see some more NFL action on other days of the week. So I’m definitely for this idea.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk has a good article about this topic, and he goes into a bit more detail about how things could work with streaming providers and the like. If you want to read that, you can here.

Otherwise, what are all of your opinions on the matter? Would you be for or against the idea of NFL games on Saturdays this fall? Let’s discuss.