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72 NFL players have tested positive for coronavirus since July 10

The current positivity rate among NFL players is 2.5%

Carolina Panthers v Washington Redskins Photo by: Diamond Images/Getty Images

On Thursday morning, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported that as of July 10, there have been 72 known positive cases of coronavirus among NFL players.

When compared to the ~2,800 players across all 32 rosters, that represents a positivity rate of roughly 2.5%.

While that number is always going to be higher than we’d like, it could also be a lot worse. However, we have yet to know for sure if all 2,800 of those players have been tested at least once up to this point. The official training camp report date is currently only 12 days away in July 28, but rookies for both the Texans and the Chiefs are set to report in just two days.

That fact is a bit staggering at the moment when you realize how much more still needs to be figured out before everyone feels like it’s safe to return to football. Earlier this week, the NFL and NFLPA continued their discussion on coronavirus testing protocols, among other important topics, and talks did not seem to be going in any direction all that quickly.

I don’t entirely know how much can get done in the next 48 hours, but as we all may have saw with Major League Baseball and their Player’s Association, these talks normally go at a snail’s pace.

Here’s to hoping the final numbers aren’t that bad and that talks between both groups go about as smoothly as Austin Ekeler making his way to the end zone.