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Talks between NFL, NFLPA continue

Wednesday’s conversation topics will include limitations on the amount of players allowed in each facility at any given time.

Super Bowl XLVIII NFLPA Press Conference Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

After a handful of days without any communication, the NFL and NFLPA will be resuming their discussions today centered around a myriad of topics, ranging from limitations on persons within a facility at any given point and potential daily testing throughout the 2020 season.

On Tuesday, the Player’s Union held a conference call with their members to discuss these issues, as well.

With the help of Mike Florio’s article on, here’s a fairly quick summary that includes some of the things will be discussed in today’s call:

  • The Players Association is fighting for the NFL to instill a 20-player limit inside any facility at any given time during the first three weeks of training camp. The players are also fairly dug-in on the NFL putting together an Infectious Disease Emergency Response plan that is signed before ever allowing more than 20 people in a facility. An IDER is essentially a plan/set of procedures that should be followed following an outbreak.
  • Players want to have the opportunity to individually opt-out of the season. Per Florio, there will not be a total player vote to decide on the final proposed agreement.
  • A concrete plan/set of procedures on how the NFL will handle players who test positive while traveling out of state for an away game. Per Florio, a decision on this matter is expected to be made soon.

As of today, we are officially under two weeks away from the NFL’s July 28 report date for training camps. The list above is just a taste of the things the NFL and NFLPA will discuss this afternoon and on future dates. There’s really not a lot of time left, so for everyone’s sake, I hope conversations today lean towards the side of efficiency and practicality.