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Chargers New Era Summer Sideline hat collection has dropped

Get these new lids while their hot!

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Personally, one of my favorite events that comes along with the start of training camp is the unveiling of the team’s new sideline headwear, which usually is a big W, especially with their bucket hats. This is the first year with the Chargers’ new color scheme so navy blue is officially out of the team’s swatches. It’s not all powder blue, baby.

So, without further ado, what do you all think of the new hats? The powder blue is certainly striking and will standout no matter where it is. This year, it looks like the NFL has decided to do a more rustic look with their bucket hats, releasing a new straw hat look that has become a bit popular in recent years. Other than the straw hat, you’ve got your traditional ball cap and flat bill version.

How do you all feel about the design? Which one are you planning on grabbing first? Who is smitten with the straw hat? I think that may be the one for me ...

Chargers Summer Straw Bucket Hat for $40