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Joshua Kelley’s Madden 21 rating revealed

Kelley possesses high marks in Strength, Carrying, and Trucking.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 23 UCLA at USC Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Starting late last week, and culminating in a grand reveal of every player this coming Friday, the people at EA Sports have slowly been leaking out the ratings for some of the top players at their positions and those of the 2020 rookies with each new day.

Recently, all of the ratings for this year’s crop of rookie running backs were unveiled and that obviously includes the Chargers’ fourth-round pick, Joshua Kelley.

Kelley received an overall rating of 67, which is tied for the 12th-best rookie ball carrier alongside the SteelersAnthony McFarland and the PatriotsJ.J. Taylor. While he was the ninth running back off the board, former Kentucky quarterback/wide receiver Lynn Bowden Jr. — who is switching to running back for the Raiders — got a 69 overall rating while never truly playing the position in college. Also, Memphis’ Antonio Gibson, who was also mainly a receiver in college, got a 69 OVR at the position, as well. The addition of Bowden Jr, Gibson, and the pair of backs tied at 67 OVR with Kelley, make his rating look a bit worse, but his lack of elite speed and evasiveness hurt his initial potential.

He has his best ratings in Strength (75), Carrying (88), and Trucking (79). Here are all of his applicable attributes and where they rank amongst the other rookie running backs:

  • Speed - 89 (T-9th)
  • Acceleration - 87 (T-16th)
  • Strength - 75 (T-3rd)
  • Agility - 84 (T-13th)
  • Catching - 64 (T-7th)
  • Carrying - 88 (T-7th)
  • Break Tackle - 76 (T-11th)
  • Trucking - 79 (T-5th)
  • Stiff Arm - 77 (T-9th)
  • Spin Move - 72 (T-15th)
  • Juke - 77 (T-14th)