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Chargers rookie WR ratings unveiled for Madden 21

Joe Reed is definitely the do-it-all player while K.J. Hill’s route-running leads the way

Georgia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Similar to Thursday’s morning announcement from Electronic Arts, the people behind Madden 21 released another set of initial rookie ratings, and the it was the wide receivers’ turn to be unveiled.

For the LA Chargers fans, that means we finally get to see how kind the ratings adjustors were in evaluating the team’s newest pair of wideouts in Joe Reed and K.J. Hill.

Reed and Hill were drafted in the fifth and seventh rounds of the 2020 draft, respectively. When Hill fell to the seventh, it was deemed one of the biggest steals in the draft. Combined with that line of thinking, I expected Hill to possibly start with an initial ranking higher than that of Reed, but that just wasn’t the case.

Reed received an overall rating of a 67 while Hill opens with a 64. While Reed’s is where I expected it to be, Hill’s was not. Unfortunately, it was due to his horrific showing throughout the gambit of combine tests that killed his potential.

Both receivers are going to be designated as different “archetypes” within the receiver position. Reed fits the mold of a “Physical” pass catcher who thrives with high marks in Catch In Traffic (79) and Spectacular Catch (79). Hill is likely going to see a placement within the “Slot” or “Route Runner” archetype since his best attributes are Short Route Running with a 72 and Agility with a 86.

Here are both receivers and their full list of applicable position ratings:

Joe Reed

  • Short Route Running - 71
  • Medium Route Running - 68
  • Deep Route Running - 64
  • Catching - 83
  • Spectacular Catch - 79
  • Catch In Traffic - 79
  • Speed - 90
  • Acceleration - 89

Note: Reed has high marks in Juke (84) and Spin Move (77) that allow him to be a fairly-decent kick returner from the beginning, as well as a decent ball carrier on jet sweeps and touch passes.

K.J. Hill

  • Short Route Running - 72
  • Medium Route Running - 69
  • Deep Route Running - 66
  • Catching - 82
  • Spectacular Catch - 76
  • Catch In Traffic - 75
  • Speed - 86
  • Acceleration - 89