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Chargers Daily Links: Which Chargers player would you add to the roster in their prime?

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Chargers-Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

I think it’s been quite a while since we’ve done a community discussion here at BFTB so I thought this would be a good morning to start the day with some healthy discussion.

Who is the one former Charger that you would love to put back on the roster? This player would also be in their prime and have a clean bill of health. To make this harder and a bit more interesting, you cannot choose Junior Seau, Lance Alworth, Antonio Gates, Kellen Winslow, Philip Rivers, Dan Fouts, or LaDainian Tomlinson.

My pick? Nose tackle Jamal Williams.

There are other tremendous defenders that we’re able to pick from, including Shawn Merriman and Leslie O’Neal, but a presence like Williams hasn’t been felt ever since....Williams was with the Chargers.

The Chargers now have Linval Joseph in the middle of the defense which is the closest thing the team is to get to another player of Williams’ caliber and they’re hoping for a similar impact. Williams only had 13 sacks in his entire Chargers career so he never added much to the pass rush, but his ability to limit gains up the middle on a consistent basis was key in minimizing opposing offenses.

That’s my quick and dirty answer for this one. Now tell me yours. Who would it be for all of you?

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