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Gabe Nabers utilizes art to help unwind during quarantine

The former Seminole clears his head by letting the colors do the talking.

Florida State v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Gabe Nabers is one of the favorites to make the final roster out of the Chargers’ 19 undrafted free agents signed following the 2020 NFL Draft. As a tight end/fullback hybrid player, Nabers can fill multiple positions on the offense, and with former fullback Derek Watt now with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Bolts are in need of a new lead-blocker.

On Monday, I highlighted a 53-man roster prediction for the Chargers that was done by CBS Sports’ Bryan DeArdo. In those predictions, DeArdo has Nabers surviving the final cuts as one of two UDFAs total and assuming the role as the team’s starting fullback.

That article, however, isn’t the first time I’ve seen Nabers pegged as a player to continue the Chargers’ line of finding UDFAs who can make an impact. The hype is real for the former Florida State Seminole, but amid such an unconventional offseason where nothing ever seems certain, how does one manage to decompress?

If you’re Nabers, then you let your artistic side out.

“I love art and I’ve always appreciated the authenticity that street art allows you to use each time you create a new piece,” Nabers said. “There’s nothing more fun than grabbing some paint and letting your mind do the rest, especially after a long day of training.”

In a time where there isn’t a ton to do outside of one’s home, finding outlets to express yourself has become more and more vital when it comes to staying sane. If Nabers keeps up these designs, he might find himself with a host of commissions for more Chargers-themed artwork from the fan base in the near future.

Below is a full time-lapse of Nabers creating the design pictured above that you can find on his TikTok account (@gabenabers).