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Colin Kaepernick ‘fits the style of quarterback we want,’ Anthony Lynn says

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Kaepernick helped make the pistol offense popular while at Nevada.

Colin Kaepernick NFL Workout Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, head coach Anthony Lynn met with myself and other members of the media for about an hour. Talk ranged from the social topics, like the Black Lives Matter movement, to the latest on the quarterback situation with Tyrod Taylor and Justin Herbert.

The main topic of conversation throughout that time span, however, was far and away former 49ers quarterback and current social justice activist Colin Kaepernick. With speculation floating around the league that the Chargers were one of a handful of teams linked to him in recent days, it wasn’t a surprise to see it brought up with the man in charge.

When asked about the odds of the Chargers bringing in Kaep, Lynn was fairly quick to say that he was “on the workout list.” That threw many of us for a loop. If we all heard what we thought we just heard, then the Bolts were about to be the first NFL team to announce that they’re going to give him a chance.

Two questions later, L.A. Times reporter Jeff Miller asked Lynn to clarify those comments. Miller asked, “Is Colin really on a list of players to work out?” Lynn then re-worded his prior comments and made it clear that the Chargers have not spoken with Kaepernick nor have they reached out to his people.

In the end, Lynn stated that he is happy with the three quarterbacks they have on the roster at the moment, but did say that “teams would be crazy” not to give Kaepernick a shot. At this point, it sounds more like Kaepernick is only going to be an option for the Chargers if there is an injury to one of either Taylor, Herbert or Easton Stick.

Lynn’s comments on Kaepernick being a quarterback that “fits what they want” are sure to perk the ears up of fans across the country, but that’s the extent at which this rumor goes right now. It’s all what-ifs at this point.

The Chargers currently have multiple quarterbacks on the roster who can thrive in the pistol offense and, from a pure-football standpoint, the Bolts aren’t anywhere near a place where they would consider bringing in another quarterback. If the Chargers have the money to sign Kaep, then they’ll be better off using it to sign Jason Peters or Kelvin Beachum.

That’s just the reality of the situation.