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NFL will test players three times a week for coronavirus

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There are hopes for reliable saliva tests by the start of training camps.

NFL: JAN 29 Super Bowl LIV - Commissioners Press Conference Photo by Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Monday afternoon,’s Tom Pelissero, among a host of other media members, reported that NFLPA medical director Thom Mayer has made it clear that the current plan is to test NFL players for coronavirus “about three times a week” while isolating those that test positive.

This report comes on the back of earlier news that Ian Rapoport broke stating several players from both the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans recently tested positive for the virus. One of the players who tested positive was star running back Ezekiel Elliott. Per his agent, Elliott is doing “just fine.”

In the grand scheme of things, this needs to be taken a seriously as ever. When Von Miller came down with the virus, he said the first four to five days were “very scary.” However, the plan was never going to include zero players testing positive. That’s been the expectation this whole time. The goal is to be prepared for when positives happen and to deal with it as quickly as possible.

This is only the beginning of hearing these types of reports so it’s not something to get to flustered about. Should it continue, and continue, and continue, then maybe more drastic measures will need to be taken. Until then, let’s just keep taking it a day at a time.