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Chargers Daily Links: I’m raising money while playing Madden 20

Your source for all Chargers and NFL news from around the web.

Theme weeks are back in business at SB Nation and we’re rocking with “video games” for the next seven days. That means you’ll get to read a plethora of content from all around the community focusing on one of America’s favorite past times.

This week, to turn something commonly thought of as “unproductive” into real production, I’m going to be streaming a game later today in one of my Connected Franchises on Madden 20 in hopes of raising funds for a struggling business in the Minneapolis area. The business is called The Dripping Root and it’s quick-service restaurant that provides healthy-eating choices like fresh-pressed juices and smoothie bowls. The owner, Catiesha Pierson, is a young entrepreneur who is trying to achieve her dream while also raising her young son.

I’ll be streaming the game over on my Twitch account around 5 p.m. PT and I’ll be sure to post the link to the stream on my twitter which you can find here @Zonetracks.

The link for Catiesha’s GoFundMe is also right here.

I hope you all will join me in raising money for a good cause.

Now here are today’s links.

Chargers News:

Alexander Insdorf steals a player from each team in the NFL North for the Chargers (Bolt Beat)

Gavino Borquez wonders who the biggest x-factor will be for the Bolts in 2020 (Chargers Wire)

Jason Reed talks the best Chargers to ever wear the #92 (Bolt Beat)

Ryan Gaydos picks his Chargers Mount Rushmore (Fox Sports)

NFL News:

Rodger Sherman delves into the Colin Kaepernick situation with clearer vision than four years ago (The RInger)

Maurice Moton takes a look at the latest offseason buzz around the NFL (Bleacher Report)

Agent Drew Rosenhaus believes the NFL needs to give Colin Kaepernick a chance (Bleacher Report)

Josh Edwards picks the best draft picks at every spot in the draft, all the way up to 256th (CBS Sports)

Mike Florio discusses Ohio State having players sign waivers before participating in voluntary workouts (Pro Football Talk)

ESPN takes a look back at the best and the worst in the NFL of the last decade (ESPN)