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Complex Sports ranks Chargers unis as the best in the NFL

This shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point.

Does it ever get tiring to hear the same thing repeated over and over again? Well, it that thing involves the Chargers new uniforms, then the answer is always going to be a fat “no.”

On Thursday, the trio of Zach Frydenlund, Adam Caparell, and Mike DeStefano, all of whom write for Complex Sports, came together to rank every NFL team’s jerseys from worst to first.

Would any of you be surprised to find out who the top spot was given to? Of course not, that’s why I’m just going to tell you. It was the Chargers. Because, duh.

Here’s what the authors had to say about their decision:

“The undisputed kings of the NFL unis. The combo of the powder blue jersey, the sunshine gold pants with a bolt running down the sides, and white numbered helmet for home games is [insert chefs-kiss.gif]. Their away options are so crisp it’s going to break your heart when they opt for the blue or navy color rush kits. Seriously, if you think the Chargers aren’t about to be the best looking squad in the National Football League, take a nap. Reviving their classic 1960s look was the best call this franchise has made since moving to Los Angeles. That’s because establishing a new fan base two hours north of where you really belong has, predictably, been a massive struggle. But in a town where style forever trumps substance, A+ job, Chargers. You’re finally acting like a real Angeleno.”

I really like one of the last quotes in there. The one about L.A. being about “style over substance.” I mean, you got to win over fans somehow, and if that rings true at all, then the Chargers certainly gained some fans when they unveiled these bad boys.

Here’s the rest of the top ten for those who are curious:

2.) Las Vegas Raiders
3.) New Orleans Saints
4.) Pittsburgh Steelers
5.) Dallas Cowboys
6.) Green Bay Packers
7.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8.) San Francisco 49ers
9.) Philadelphia Eagles
10.) Baltimore Ravens

That’s not a bad top ten by any means. I might have thrown the Arizona Cardinals uniforms up there near the bottom but that’s because I’m a sucker for all-black alternates. Otherwise, it looks like classic uniforms looks weighed heavily with the authors in these rankings. That’s likely why they ranked the New York Jets as the worst in the league followed by the Atlanta Falcons.

I’d ask you what you think of the rankings, but I already know the answer to that.