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Chargers home-run re-design is solidified by Rams uniform reveal

Thank goodness the Bolts got it right. As for the Rams ...

If there is one thing we can all take to heart following the unveiling of the Rams’ newest uniforms, it’s that the Chargers could have easily went in a different direction regarding the new design. But thankfully — oh so thankfully — they did not.

After the team’s newest jerseys became one of the hottest talking points for NFL fans during the final weeks of April, it wasn’t all that surprising to then see the cross-town rivals take their sweet time in unveiling their latest threads. I personally thought the initial reaction to the Bolts’ unis forced the Rams to think twice dropping the new look, especially if they wanted to avoid sharing the spotlight.

After all that waiting, this is what they came up with:

It should be known that this re-brand was reportedly started back in 2016 when the team initially moved back to Los Angeles. That means it was in the works for about four years, give or take. They decided on three colors for the look which include “Rams Royal,” “Sol,” and “Bone.” The colors are fine. I think they really wanted to pick a colorway that would immediately POP on TV, especially HD and 4K models. That blue is pretty electric and the yellow/gold is almost highlighter-esque when used with the gradient design.

Speaking of that, the Rams joined the Falcons as the only two teams to utilize gradient in at least one of their uniforms. I can’t say I’m a fan of either, but it’s certainly bringing the designs into the future.

Another detail that I can’t take my eyes off of are the horns on the shoulders. On the royal uniforms, the ram horn is large and takes up a good chunk of the pads. They’re large enough that the design team chose not to include broadcast numbers on the shoulders which is what the Chargers did on their new unis. However, on the away/bone uniforms, they did include numbers on the sides but, in turn, changed the design of the horns. They are much smaller and don’t fill up as much space as the home jerseys. Although they have a dark and light jersey for home and away, the uniforms themselves are not that cohesive. It’s not like they are exactly the same uniforms with the colors flipped. There are substantial design differences between the two.

Oh, and that name patch on the breastplate above the numbers? I have absolutely zero idea why that was approved. Instead of placing a team’s name right below the collar, the Rams chose to move it a bit to the left and stitch a box in which to place “Rams.” The patch and jersey color are the same so you really only notice the name. However, on the bone uniform, the patch, which reads “Los Angeles Rams”, is placed inside a box that is a pure white. When placed on top of the off-white bone color, it’s very out of place. It truly resembles an ad that you would see on a semi-pro team or on a basketball jersey.

So, in conclusion, once you’ve taken in all there is to see with the Rams’ new uniforms, it becomes so abundantly clear that the Chargers absolutely nailed their new look. I’m talking grand-slam, out-of-the-park. In a world that constantly wants progression and itches for modern improvement, only to revert back to what was never broken in the first place, the Chargers resisted the winds of change and stuck to what has, and will, always work for them.