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Chargers could share Allegiant Stadium with the Raiders in 2020

Hypothetically, there’s a chance the Raiders may host both L.A. teams in 2020.

Allegiant Stadium Under Construction Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Modern problems call for modern solutions.

In a time where no one knows for sure if there are going to be sports for the rest of the 2020 calendar year, politicians, city planners, and league commissioners will all be working diligently together to find a solution to bring games back to the fans.

On Sunday, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio discussed how there is a small, but realistic, chance that the California franchises (Chargers, Rams, and Niners) could all share a stadium during the 2020 season if the state doesn’t progress enough to allow sporting events.

“The 49ers and Cardinals could share the Arizona venue with no conflicts at all,” said Florio, “The Chargers and Raiders could share the new Las Vegas Stadium with only one potential conflict. Ditto for the Rams and the Cowboys.”

In this hypothetical situation, the Rams would open up the NFL season at Allegiant Stadium. The Chargers would then host a “home” game in Las Vegas on the following Sunday followed by the Raiders getting their shot to play at home on Monday Night Football.

Week 4 is where the league would start to see conflicts. However, like they did in the past to accommodate NFL teams that shared venues with those from the MLB, they could flex games in and out of MNF to smooth problems when possible. Apart from other potential conflicts in week 10 and 14, the team’s schedules would mesh well enough to make it viable.

This scenario would obviously lead to an immense amount of game to be played at one stadium, but if it’s the difference between playing with or without fans, the NFL may have no other choice than to make it work.