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Justin Herbert plans to start throwing to new teammates in coming weeks

The future of the Chargers is already making moves to connect with teammates.

Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

In his most recent Zoom call with the media, Justin Hebert announced that he has already made the move from Eugene, Oregon, to Orange County (it took 15 hours due to traffic) and can’t wait to get started on building his relationships with his new teammates.

According to the rookie, he’s already working out with current Chargers in the area.

To the delight of many fans, Herbert also stated will begin throwing to guys such as Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry in the coming weeks. So even without any rookie camps or other organized activities, you can all start to prepare yourselves for the content you’ve all been waiting for.

Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, but knowing the bond between receiver and quarterback is about to get underway is insanely exciting, and with two of his top targets at that. Henry was also mentioned as the first Chargers player to reach out to him following his selection in the first round.

Herbert also touched a bit on what his athleticism can do for the offense going forward. We are all well-aware of the potential changes being made to the offense this season and Herbert’s comments look to reflect that.

When asked about the similarities between the Chargers offensive playbook and what he did at Oregon, Herbert stated that they’re actually pretty similar.

“There are a lot of things and there’s a lot more formations and protections. It’s much more complex than what we had (at Oregon) so I’m going to do everything I can to learn it as quickly as I can.”

My favorite part of the interview was when Hebert mentioned that the Chargers run game is “tailored more toward two running backs (with) a couple tight ends.” He also noted that they did that quite a bit during his time at Oregon.

So it’s not looking like we’re getting any sort of tangible rookie mini camps at the moment but hearing all of this is positive news, nonetheless. Hopefully we’ll soon have plenty of videos on social media showcasing Herbert distributing the ball to his future offensive weapons.