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Could Aaron Rodgers end up in LA?

The veteran QB already has a house in Malibu

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Wow, what a headline, right? It would be wild. It’s highly unrealistic. The thought of it is downright bonkers. But here we are.

The day after the Packers made the move to trade up in the first round and select Utah State quarterback Jordan Love, Pat McAfee had some seriously intriguing thoughts about what this could mean for Aaron Rodgers and his time left in Green Bay. The main one of those being the idea of Rodgers forcing his way to a team like the Chargers.

“If I’m Aaron Rodgers, I’m trying to get to the Chargers,” McAfee said. “Why don’t you get traded to the Chargers, re-negotiate, (and) get a two-year deal. You’ve got weapons down there, you have a house in Malibu already. Hop on a chopper to get to practice everyday.”

McAfee goes on to mention how the Chargers obviously just lost the sweepstakes for Tom Brady and now here’s another veteran QB who might be on his way out of his current situation. After all, even with the team just having selected Justin Herbert in the first round, how many other quarterbacks would you rather mentoring your rookie? It’s Aaron flippin’ Rodgers.

All the speculation is on the fact that the Packers did not use a single draft pick this year on a wide receiver or any big offensive piece that would help put Green Bay’s offense over the top when the team finished just one game away from the Super Bowl. By looking at their draft haul, you would not have thought that was the case.

As I stated above, the idea of Rodgers somehow finding his way to the Chargers is so crazy that I didn’t even want to bother with this post, but it’s also too juicy of dream to ignore.

There’s no harm in day-dreaming, right?