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Pick 3: Which new uniform combinations are the best?

Continuing theme week: Which three uniform combos are your favorite?

The Chargers just posted the below tweet which runs congruently with our own theme week topic being team jerseys. So why not go along with the fun?

The rules are simple, you can only pick three to be your preferences out of the six. To be fair, that’s easier said than done. Out of these six options, can you eliminate half of them?

I’ll start (in no order): 1.) Powder blue on white 2.) White on white 3.) Navy on navy.

In a post a recent post, I discussed that my favorite jersey of the new combinations is the navy on navy, so that should be no surprise. As for the other two, I can’t say no to the main home and away options going forward. They are both based off the AFL 50th Anniversary uniforms and those are by-far my favorites in the entire history of the franchise.