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What is your favorite/the best Chargers jersey in franchise history?

With four more jerseys added into the storied history of the team, which one is now/still is your favorite?

Cleveland Browns vs San Diego Chargers - November 5, 2006 Photo by Peter Brouillet/Getty Images

It’s a new week and with it comes a brand new theme week here at SB Nation. Our previous theme week revolved around the best team’s in every franchise’s history that never won a championship. This week, we’re switching to something a little less heartbreaking. We’re focused on team jerseys for the next five days and today’s topic is simply “best/favorite jerseys.”

So I’m going to kickstart this whole deal with my personal favorite jersey right now and what I think is the best jersey to ever be worn by the Chargers.

Favorite: The new Navy color rush

Guys, this jersey is so damn cool and they did a tremendous job incorporating the intimidation factor into it stemming from the team’s success in the early 90’s. When I look at the new uniform options, I see the legendary Junior Seau. I see the defensive force that was Leslie O’Neal. I see the workhorse Natrone Means whom the Bolts rode into the ground on their way to the Super Bowl.

When I finally saw the jersey in person on Good Morning Football and then saw Michael Davis wearing it in a recent Chargers Twitter video, I was even more hooked. I love that they didn’t fill in the bolt on the shoulder and allowed the navy to run through the whole thing, head-to-toe.

Consider this for the moment, my favorite jersey of the Chargers. It also might end up being the first one I purchase, too!

Best: AFL 50th Anniversary Uniforms

These uniforms are held in a special place within my own heart. These are what I hoped the Chargers would base their new look on. To a degree, they actually did. The only difference between these and the new ones is the lack of broadcast numbers on the shoulders. Some like the new ones without numbers, but I thought they were always good look.

The white-on-white just looks so clean. So icy. It POPS without having a bunch of color. These were glorious, magical, and every other synonymous term used to describe incredible works of art.

To put it simply, these SLAPPED!

But now I’ll toss it over to you all. Give me your favorite uniform and tell us which uniform is the best of the bunch.