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Chargers LAtely Episode 4 & 5: Instant Reactions to the Justin Hebert and Kenneth Murray picks & First Round Recap.

Michael wasn’t that pleased!

Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Hey all!

While the emotions were still raw, I wanted to record my instant reaction to the Chargers drafting Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick.

I was very split on the decision to take him that high so you won’t see a ton of excitement from me about it, but overall it was the most expected pick. He’ll be fine, just not terribly exciting.


Update: Adding in my thoughts to the Kenneth Murray Selection and my overall thoughts on the first night of the 2020 NFL Draft.

I’m torn on the decision by the team to trade away both their day two picks for a player who plays a position not within the team’s top-3 needs. Primarily a run-stopping defender, Murray is going to have to improve his coverages if he wants to survive in the AFC West, a division that features three of the most athletic tight ends in the entire NFL.

Overall, I’m not overly-excited about the Chargers haul in day one. Both guys do not move the needle for me but I do acknowledge the huge upside that each possess. They could both be Pro Bowl-calibers at some point in there careers, I just think it’ll be later rather than sooner. And that’s not what the Chargers needs at the moment.