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Tonight's NFL Draft will be missing ESPN's Todd McShay

The long-time draft analyst will be at home recovering from the coronavirus.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's broadcast of the 2020 NFL Draft on ESPN will be missing one of it's most-recognizable faces as long-time NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay is currently recovering from the coronavirus at his home.

He tweeted this earlier today to breK the news himself:

It's definitely going to be a bit strange going the entire three-day event without hearing the input of one of the country's leading experts on all things NFL Draft. McShay has been the counterpart to Mel Kiper through this time of the year for what seems like decades. Whenever Kiper's draft takes start to get a bit nutty, McShay js usually there to bring him back down to earth. And whenever McShay seems to be keeping his takes a little too much on the conservative side, Kiper has been there to loosen him up.

In McShay's stead, expect a healthy dose of the lovable Trey Wingo across the desk from Kiper.