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Chargers LAtely Episode 2: BFTB Live Mock Draft!

Michael, Garrett, Jamie, Daniel, and Matthew go pick-by-pick to make all seven selections for the Chargers in a live environment.

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Clemson v Ohio State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

On Monday night, I was joined by Garrett Sisti, Jamie Hoyle, Matthew Stanley, and Daniel Stebbins for our annual Live Mock Draft that we stream live every year a few days prior to the actual live show we put on during the NFL Draft.

For this exercise, we utilized the mock draft machine at As a team, acting as if we were in the war room alongside Tom Telesco and Anthony Lynn, we went pick-by-pick and thoroughly discussed all our options before coming to a consensus for each round’s selection.

At the end of it all, here is what we came away with:

Round 1: Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State
Round 2: Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State
Round 3: Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona State
Round 4: Davon Hamilton, DT, Ohio State
Round 5: Antonio Gibson, RB/WR, Memphis
Round 6: Thad Moss, TE, LSU
Round 7: Mykal Walker, LB, Fresno State

Overall, we gave the grade a strong “A”. Those first three selections are outstanding and we got incredibly lucky to have Okudah available outside the top-5. Cleveland is a favorite of mine in this draft and someone I would love to see the Bolts snag at the top of the second. The evaluations of Aiyuk have been all over the place. Most have him graded within the first two rounds but I’ve seen an analyst or two give him as low as a fourth-round grade. We obviously had to pounce on the dynamic wideout at #71.

We kicked things off on day three with who we thought was the best available interior defensive lineman at the time. Hamilton is equally-effective in both stopping the run and creating pressure up the middle so he was an easy choice. I wanted FSU running back Cam Akers at the moment, but who cares about what I want, right? We almost went in a different direction with round five, but couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the versatile Gibson still on the board. You can never have enough play-makers on your team so Gibson was the choice here.

Without any proper athletic testing for Moss, either at the combine or the pro day, the son of Randy saw his stock plummet and his fall lasted well into day three before we knew the value was too good to pass up. He’s a phenomenal blocker and could easily play a complementary roll to Hunter Henry in this offense. Finally, we ended things with a dart throw at Fresno State’s Mykal Walker. Stebbins is a former bulldog so we sort’ve let him make that final pick. Not the worst one, to be fair. The team needs linebacker depth and why not pick a guy who is easy to root for.

It was a ton of fun to get the gang back together so I hope you all enjoy!