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Rant: Chargers set to play in Tampa Bay against Brady, Gronk in 2020

The former Patriots just had to ruin a perfectly good day.

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIV - Day 3 Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Like, seriously?

Sometimes I just cannot stand the NFL.

On a day when the Chargers released their new uniforms for the entire country to bask and revel in their pristine glow, the likes of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski find a way to screw things up. Today was supposed to be about the Chargers. It was their day. But nope. Gronk has to come out of retirement and just screw everything up.

And you know what? I was super stoked for the Chargers to travel to Tampa Bay this season and face-off against Brady and the Bucs. I am NOT excited any longer. Thank God the Chargers added Chris Harris to their secondary. We also need to start praying as a fan base that Derwin James stays healthy this season or else there is not not going to be a single person on the team to cover the tight end.

Why? Why? WHY? Just stay retired. I get it, you’re a a really fun guy and it’s incredible to watch you play, but give us a break. Go play with another quarterback and see if you’re really that great. Go play with Jarrett Stidham in New England and prove you are really the greatest. That would impress us more.

Damn it all.

Also, I understand that Gronk has lost some weight and he’s likely not stayed in playing shape at all, but he’s flippin’ Rob Gronkowski. I bet he could walk in out of shape and just “be good” because that’s all he knows. The NFL was his frat house and he’s going to slide right in and feel right at home.

Uggghhhhhhhhhhh ....

Anyways, back to looking at the new uniforms. End Rant.