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Instant reaction to the Chargers new uniforms

The best got better, simpler, and more legendary.

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The Chargers unveiled their new uniforms this morning live on Good Morning Football to much-deserved praise and cheers for all the obvious work put into the team’s new threads.

At first look, the amount of team history that the Chargers dug into to build their new look is incredible. Right away you notice the addition of yellow pants as an alternate look that the Bolts can wear with either the powder blue or white jerseys. The yellow was first used by the team in 1966 and lasted until the 1985 season when they switched to the current white bottoms.

The numbers on the helmet were brought back for the first time since 1973 when the team switched to navy helmets until 2006.

The navy blue lightning bolt on the team’s all-navy color rush kit helmet is an ode to their inaugural season in 1960.

One of my favorite changes was a detail I hoped they’d revert back to in the bolt arcing over the shoulder instead of around the side. I feel like it’s much more intimidating and more “locked-in” and combative aesthetic. Don’t ask me what that means. It’s what I feel inside.

I’ll be honest, I did not whoop and cheer immediately following the unveiling. I let myself take a second to soak it all in. I didn’t want to celebrate just because that’s what I expected to do. Now that I’ve seen the uniforms on actual players and other human beings, I really REALLY love the new uniforms. At first, the simplicity was almost TOO much. They took away the “Chargers” wording off the chest of the jersey so it did look a bit empty up front. However, when you start comparing the new look to the ones from their past, you start to understand just how much they incorporated into the present.

Coinciding with the new team logo, the Chargers’ numbers and details on the jerseys are “softer.” Like the new bolt, the arc was less abrupt and has an easier bend. Those ideas are evident in the uniforms. The numbers are now round and soft along the edges unlike their most-recent look. But that’s the vibe now. It’s a Southern California, laid-back, easy-going vibe. Soft and smooth colors. And yet, the Chargers are able to make passive colors look like the best in business.

My favorite look among the team’s six options has got to be the white-on-white. I’ve always been such a big fan of their White-Hot Sunday tradition during the opening games at home. I’ve been dying to get a white and powder blue option that would really give the Chargers an “icy” look and they finally gave it to us. Also, how freakin’ cool does Keenan Allen look in the all-new navy-on-navy color rush alternate? They are eerily close to the AFC uniforms worn in the most-recent Pro Bowl and I’m actually a big fan of them leaning into the navy which also pays homage to the Junior Seau days.

Those are my quick-and-dirty thoughts about the team’s new uniforms. Now I want to hear yours. Tell me what you think!

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