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The BFTB Live Mock Draft is LIVE!

Tonight at 6 p.m PT. Don’t be late.

NFL Combine - Day 1

As I mentioned in a teaser late last week, the gang of Garrett Sisti, Matthew Stanley, Jamie Hoyle, Daniel Stebbins, and I will be hosting a live-streamed mock draft for the Chargers this evening starting at 6 p.m. PT. We will be running on one of the many mock draft machines from around the internet and essentially be playing “War Room” as we make each of the Chargers seven picks this year. The computer will run for the rest of the teams’ selections.

This will also serve as a test run before we get into the coverage of the draft on our Live Draft Show. If you guys absolutely cannot wait for this year’s show, here’s a pretty rad trailer for what to expect from the guys and our coverage this year.

I really hope all of you can make it this year. We’ve been lucky enough to have viewers from around the world in recent years and that means so much to us that this is where you decide to spend your draft nights.

Thanks again and we will see all of you tonight!