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Do Chargers make sense as trade partners for any of these options on the market?

Several big veteran names could be moved during the draft

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, Peter King of ProFootballTalk posted his 2020 NFL Mock Draft. He has the LA Chargers selecting offensive tackle Andrew Thomas out of Georgia. Thomas is getting listed as the fourth-best option among the top four tackles by many, but there are still quite a few who believe he’s the best of the four. That’s how this class is going right now.

In regards to the Chargers draft, that would give them a solid pairing with Bryan Bulaga at the tackle spots, plus Trai Turner now as one of the guards. It could be a nice offensive line, though this leaves LA looking for a QB, among other things.

Would Tom Telesco be willing to fill any of those other things through trade?

King listed six names who he expects could be traded during the draft, as these are six names we’re all pretty aware of already. He doesn’t mention Matt Judon or Chris Jones, however. Not sure why that is, if he feels very comfortable that those players are safe where they are, but he does give a couple of other franchise tag options.

Would any of the six make sense for the Chargers? I’m answering that question without using King’s presumed pick of Thomas or another tackle or anyone else. Just as they stand today.

Washington T Trent Williams

Yes, he makes sense. It would be really strange if the Chargers offensive line didn’t become a strength after adding Bryan Bulaga, Trai Turner, and Trent Williams.

Cost: I don’t think Williams can be as valuable as his talent. He’s only got one year left on his deal, which means a trade could potentially necessitate an extension. We also know that the relationship with the team is way beyond fractured. I am completely taking a shot in the dark here, but I wonder if a fourth round pick could pry Williams in spite of his elite talent. The Steelers got a third and a fifth for Antonio Brown last year, which is a somewhat comparable situation. Nobody knew at the time how far out of reality Brown would fall.

Jacksonville DE Yannick Ngakoue

A good pass rusher should always make sense in theory. Ngakoue also would necessitate new money. The Chargers not only have decent cap space now, they have an extraordinary amount for 2021, which is also when Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa are free agents. Lock up Ngakoue, show Bosa you’ve got him a long-term pass rush partner?

Cost: Nothing less than pick 37. Frank Clark got the Seahawks a first and a second. Dee Ford got the Chiefs one second, which they used to acquire Clark. I wonder if Chris Jones could land the Chiefs a late first this year. But I also wonder if teams are reluctant to spend big bucks at the moment.

New England G Joe Thuney

With Dan Feeney and Trai Turner, plus Forrest Lamp ... it’s not as though the Chargers couldn’t draft a guard, but trade for another one of Thuney’s caliber? No.

Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton

You can’t say “never.” What is Dalton to LA if not a fallback option should they choose not to draft a QB and something happens to Tyrod Taylor?

Cost: Will a team sacrifice a sixth or seventh round pick for Dalton?

Jacksonville RB Leonard Fournette

Absolutely he makes sense. The Chargers should and will focus their running back efforts around Austin Ekeler but they have no other options at the moment except for Justin Jackson. They could draft a big running back on day three and/or they could trade a day three pick for Fournette with the hope that he’ll reach the potential he had at LSU. Fournette has had good moments in the NFL, like Melvin Gordon, and like Gordon, has fallen out of favor with his original team. We also know that Fournette will stan for Cam Newton, take that for what you will.

Cost: It really can’t be more than a sixth rounder, right?

Philadelphia WR Alshon Jeffery



Should the Chargers trade

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    A second for Yannick Ngakoue
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    A sixth for Leonard Fournette
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    A seventh for Andy Dalton
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