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Tua Tagovailoa’s Pro Day video has been released and he looks extremely healthy

One of the top-2 quarterbacks in the draft went through with his scheduled pro day Thiursday.

LSU v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Even after every other school’s pro day got axed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa went through his his originally scheduled individual workout on Thursday. You’d hope those involved all went through the proper health precautions, even though just 10 people were involved in workout. Former NFL QB Trent Dilfer orchestrated the workout while Tua’s former teammate Jerry Jeudy was one of the wideouts helping run routes.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen posted the entire pro day workout on his personal twitter account, breaking up the some 70~ throws into seven separate videos. The workout took place on an indoor field that was somewhere between 45-50 yards long.

For the most part, Tua was on the money consistently. Dilfer described most of his throws as ones that “anyone in the world could catch it.” At the, the known quarterback guru said that he’s “never been around a kid that throws it better.”

My initial thoughts on the workout are that he looks really twitched-up working in the pocket. It’s probably the biggest thing I noticed. He’s got such a strong and thick lower-body for a quarterback and his footwork might be some of the best I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s tough not to root for the guy after overcoming what could have been a catastrophic, career-ending injury. Tua ending up with the Chargers would only make it so much easier.

Below are all seven videos of Tua’s workout so you can check it out yourself. Afterwards, let’s discuss it in the comments.