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The Rams created a new logo and it might as well belong to the Chargers

Well, things may have gotten a little awkward in Los Angeles this week

We knew that the Rams and Chargers had to share the same stadium in Inglewood, but the same logo too? That was what a lot of people were asking after the Rams finally unveiled — through a leaked image of a hat, at least, that was later confirmed by Yahoo! Sports — their logo redesign for 2020 and beyond.

Some are wondering if this logo will actually go beyond a few more critical social media posts of what appears to be, at first glance, a logo for the LA Chargers:

When I first saw the hat, I legitimately thought it must be for the Chargers. As you may be aware, Bolts from the Blue is mulling over a redesign of the site logo and I immediately thought, “Wait, is this it? Could this be it?” Well, of course it could be: It quite literally looks like “LA” followed by a modified lightning bolt that curls into the letter “C.”

What else would you call that?

Obviously the Rams believe that it is not a lightning bolt but a ram horn and they’ve opted to make the centerpiece of recognition the city they play in, which is also the city that another team plays in. One with a team name that starts with C and is known for having a yellow item in the middle of their logo.

Go Chrams! Rargers?