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Chargers should consider signing Jason Peters

Another NFL free agency splash? Yes please.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Regardless if you believe the Chargers got the better end of the deal when they sent Russell Okung to Carolina in return for Trai Turner, it opened up a hole at left tackle that must be filled before the 2020 season begins.

Just days ago, the group of free agent offensive tackles was pretty underwhelming, but in the last 48 hours, the EaglesJason Peters has joined the mix while Washington’s Trent Williams and his agent were given permission to find a trade partner.

The Chargers likely have zero chance at being in on Trent Williams. The fact that he’s younger and technically closer to his prime than Peters means he’s going for a lot more on the open market and, in football years, 38 compared to 31 might as well be a 70-year old to...a 31-year old. His last contract with the Eagles was a one-year deal worth a total of $8,666,668. If the Chargers were to sign him to anywhere near $8 million or less, that’d be a steal for a guy who can still play as a top-8 left tackle in the NFL.

Here’s how I see the Chargers setting themselves up for the immediate future with enough allowance to get their future deals done without too much of a hassle.

The Chargers have a hole at left tackle after the Turner trade but managed to solidify their interior should Pouncey come back and they find the best guy at left guard between Dan Feeney, Forrest Lamp, and maybe even Scott Quessenberry. Signing Peters to a one-year deal, in that 7-8 million range, would give the Chargers a cheap rental at left tackle to allow:

1.) Trey Pipkins another year to progress


2.) Whoever is the Chargers’ quarterback in 2020 - be it a rookie or Tyrod Taylor - will have a proven and still very viable player at the blindside protector.

Let’s also be extremely honest. Barring some extravagant surge of luck this season, the Chargers are more than likely going to end up in a position to take one of the top tackles in next year’s draft. By that time, they won’t be pairing a rookie or inexperienced left tackle with an inexperienced signal-caller. The entire tide will have raised a number of ships in the Bolts’ harbor, if you catch my drift.

I think Peters would be an excellent acquisition for a number of reasons and it just makes so much sense. Especially if all the numbers fit into place. The Chargers could easily overhaul this offensive line and set it up for future success.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay on Peters?