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Chargers Daily Links: Trai Turner trade a major W?

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I’m still in disbelief of the team finally making some sort of a splash this offseason.

The Chargers made one of the first big trades leading up to the start of free agency yesterday when they tentatively agreed to send left tackle Russell Okung to the Carolina Panthers in return for pro bowl guard Trai Turner.

Turner has missed a few in the last two seasons and hasn’t been at the same level as his first three seasons, but he’s still only 26 and already the best guard on the team.

Here’s to hoping the Chargers got the long end of the stick when it’s all said and done.

Sources: Panthers, Chargers swap Pro Bowl OLs Trai Turner, Russell Okung

“Turner, who has been selected to five consecutive Pro Bowls, is signed through the 2021 season and is scheduled to count $8.5 million and $11.5 million, respectively, against the salary cap the next two seasons.”

The one 2020 free agent each NFL team must sign: 32 perfect matches

“Surprise, surprise — the offensive line is an issue for the Chargers again. The right tackle spot, especially, struggled last season as Sam Tevi and Trent Scott split time, with each player serving more as a negative than a positive.”

2020 All-Combine Team: Which NFL draft prospects owned Indy?

“Herbert made money Thursday night. The quarterback who was once considered a potential No. 1 overall pick showed off the arm talent that made him such a highly regarded prospect. He also ran a sub-4.7 40-yard dash and connected easily with receivers.”

LA Chargers acquire Trai Turner for Russell Okung

“The move should not come as a shock as the Chargers were likely going to move on from Okung regardless this offseason and recently, we suggested that the team should just release him. That was likely in the cards, but now that the team was able to get something in return, it’s a win-win situation.”

What Chargers acquiring Trai Turner means for state of offensive line

“Even though Okung proved to be a competent starter on the left side for a couple of seasons, there were enough reasons to believe that the franchise was going to part ways with him.”

Twitter reacts to Chargers trading Russell Okung for Trai Turner

“The Los Angeles Chargers and Carolina Panthers made a move out of left field on Wednesday, swapping offensive linemen.”

2020 NFL Mock Draft: Chargers Bolster O-line with Mekhi Becton in New Projection

“By selecting Becton, the Chargers not only push off drafting a quarterback of the future, but they also passed on a potential generational talent in position-versatile defender Isaiah Simmons. Arguably no player at any position group had a better combine than Simmons, who confirmed the tremendous athleticism he put on tape and will likely come off the board somewhere in the top 10.”

Panthers Wire Roundtable: Grading the Trai Turner, Russell Okung trade

“For once, it’s hard to blame fans on Twitter for being irrational, confused, or outright angry with the direction of their franchise. If we’re being perfectly honest, we’re just as shocked as anyone by Wednesday’s news that the team has agreed to trade Trai Turner to the Chargers for Russell Okung.”

Panthers tentatively agree to trade RG Trai Turner for Chargers LT Russell Okung, sign DE Chris Brown

“The trade cannot be official until the start of the new league year March 18th. Because of that, the Panthers have not publicly announced the deal, but included a report of it on their team website.”

The age-wall for defensive backs in the NFL

“One of the nice things about the PFR data is that it shows the age of the players at the start of the season. There were 273 players who had enough coverage snaps to qualify in 2018 and 263 players in 2019. In 2018, 37 of those players were 30 years old or older. In 2019, 32 of them were 30 years old or older.”

Creating a ‘team-friendly’ $400 million contract for Patrick Mahomes

“Some readers questioned my interpretation of Rapoport’s words. They argued that the number Rapoport was talking about was the average value per year instead of the total value of the contract — that is, that he was talking about the difference between a contract that would pay Mahomes $35 million and one that would pay $40 million per year.”