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East Dillon Daily: 1x04 — “Who’s Your Daddy”

“There’s not gonna be any retaliation. There’s gonna be no getting back. Rivalry week ends now!”

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS — “East of Dillon” Episode 401 — Pictured: (l-r) Aaron Spivey-Sorrells as Coach Spivey, Timothy F. Crowley as Coach Crowley NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Today’s episode is pretty easy: it’s the bye week! Not much football content to talk about in this episode. Instead, Matt Saracen starts to feel his spot as QB1 slipping away and Coach Taylor tells him to get his confidence back by getting his daughter Julie in the backseat of a car. Everyone needs to cut this poor kid a break.

Keep sending me recommendations for things to read/watch/listen to (love a good podcast) to help me learn real things about the sport! They’ll come in handy during these episodes that feature more making out than anything else. You can do so in the comments, or by shooting me a DM on Twitter (@nowyousieme) or an email at

What have I learned about football since the last episode?

  • While I’m still looking into and reading about recruiting, it’s hard to find anything like what is happening with Voodoo Tatum on the show. I did find this article from 2015 on Bleacher Report about the state of High School Football Recruiting in Texas, that basically makes it sound like Texas is the Minnesota of college football recruiting. Super interesting read, especially for someone looking from the outside.

1x04 — “Who’s Your Daddy”

What did I learn about football?

  • Oooooh, a rivalry episode! My high school’s main rivalry involved something called the “bell game,” which a quick look across the internet has ruined for me because I now know it’s kind of a popular thing for high school football teams to do, and not the quirky thing I was led to believe made our rivalry special.
  • First mention of a bye week, which is a much bigger deal when you don’t play 82-game seasons.
  • The episode closes out with a voiceover about how important the next game is, which is another reminder about that difference. Individual games are actually massively important all the time. That explains ... so much, actually.

What questions have now been raised for me about football?

  • It’s the bye week! There wasn’t much football in this episode, other than a couple of practice scenes that were pretty straightforward.

Additional Thoughts

  • Once again, the boundaries between adults and teens is ... weird, at best, and Coach Taylor tells Matt Saracen to go get laid.
  • That Taylors fighting underneath the table at this massive last-minute party is just insanely good.
  • Really not much for anyone in this episode if you don’t care about Lyla Garrity, huh?
  • For a community that puts so much into football, Julie Taylor’s dance program seems to be paid for with whatever loose change they find under the bleachers after games.
  • “I think I told that kid to get our daughter in the backseat of a car.” There it is. Remarkable.

See you tomorrow with 1x05 — “Git ‘Er Done.”