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Chargers reportedly getting new uniforms, logo

Chargers will join the Rams in re-branding this offseason

NFL: DEC 29 Chargers at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With nothing but horrendous news surrounding us all every day all day, Chargers fans got treated to something on the lighter side when it was reported on social media that the Bolts are one of six teams, including the Rams, that are making changes to their uniforms prior to the 2020 season.

The Rams released their new logos, marks, and colors on Monday and it left the Internet completely torn on whether or not the new designs for “fire” for “trash.” Last time I checked, the majority of fans were in favor of them being bad and/or an “L.”

The Chargers are reportedly making changes to both their jerseys and their logo, which means we may see a new version of the classic lightning bolt or perhaps fans will get treated to a re-design of the shield/stallion.

One of the first changes that fans had hoped for following the move was the team transitioning their main jerseys from the Navy to the Powder Blues. The Chargers made that commitment prior to the 2019 season when they announced that the iconic uniforms would be the team’s main home jerseys going forward.

The only reasonable next move for this team now would be designing an away jersey that incorporates the powder blue as well. Many people refer to the AFL’s 50th Anniversary jerseys that looked like this:

Aside from the traditional powder blue jerseys, I think these are the favorites among Chargers fans. The all-white uniforms worn on opening day are also up there in popularity but being able to trade out the navy details and replace them all with powder blue creates this insanely icy and clean look that can’t help but be adored.

On the less likely side of things, the Chargers could also take this time to make a change to the helmets. Prior to last year, they changed the facemask colors from navy to yellow in order to run smoothly with the powder blue. Is there a chance that the team makes the helmets powder blue? I hope not, but you never know what these teams are considering “good.”

I think the bar was set very low for the Chargers to “win” this little re-branding battle between their in-state rivals. The Rams went with a bright and sunny colorway that’s supposed to reflect the bright and sunny future of the city of Los Angeles. The Chargers might be doing their own version of this, but hopefully without the weird ambiguous logo that some still believe could represent either of the LA teams.

But I’ll turn this discussion now over to you all. What would you like the new uniforms to look like? What about the new logos/marks?