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Chargers officially announced trade for Trai Turner

The trade of Russell Okung to the Panthers is finally official

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

With the start of new league year coming and going earlier today, the Chargers were finally able to make the trade of Russell Okung to the Panthers in exchange for Trai Turner official.

With the current coronavirus pandemic plaguing the NFL and the rest of the sports world, there’s a chance we won’t hear any official announcements regarding the three free agents that have been signed this week due to the travel restrictions in place. With no free agent able to get to their new home in order to pass a physical, the NFL is working on innovative ways around that scenario.

At 27-years old, Turner is one of the best young offensive guards in the league. He will immediately be penciled in as the starter at right guard alongside newly-signed right tackle Bryan Bulaga. In his six years with the Panthers, Turner started 80 of 84 games and has been one of only four offensive linemen in the NFL to have made the pro bowl each of the last five years.

The rest of the offensive line will likely be made up of Mike Pouncey at center (if he doesn’t retire, he’s yet to be medically cleared), Dan Feeney or Forrest Lamp at left guard, and either Trey Pipkins, a veteran free agent, or a rookie at left tackle.

While we can all dream and wonder about how this front five will look in the coming weeks, it’s safe to say that the right side is in incredible hands going into 2020.