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Philip Rivers is the Colts’ #1 target

A deal is “all but done” per Bleacher Reports’ Matt Miller

Oakland Raiders v. Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

The rumors and rumblings about Philip Rivers to the Indianapolis Colts are slowly coming to a head. Per Stephen Holder, the Colts beat writer for The Athletic, “everything indiciates (Rivers) is their No. 1 target.”

Obviously there is no deal done and if you’re the Colts, as Holder mentions in the above tweet, they want to play this carefully to avoid another Josh McDaniels situation from two years ago when he tentatively agreed to become their next head coach before pulling out of the agreement at the last second.

It’s a little funny to read that the Colts want to get better at explosive/big plays going forward as being one of the reasons why they want to sign Rivers. Part of being better about creating explosive plays on offense is also being able to limit the bad plays so they don’t nullify each other. Rivers had over 20 interceptions in 2019. Yeah he could help create some bigger plays but you’re playing with fire if you think you can limit his pension for dangerous throws.

For what it’s worth, Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller also tweeted this out a little bit ago:

Maybe the deal is closer than we think. Either way, this was seen coming from a mile away. The Colts never go long without a pretty good quarterback, it seems like.