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NFL and NFLPA make joint statement on offseason changes

A few changes are being made to the offseason calendar

Super Bowl XLVIII NFLPA Press Conference Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

The NFL and NFLPA released a joint statement announcing that all offseason workouts of any kind while new regulations will be put in place for the new league year effective immediately.

Normally, NFL clubs with a new head coach would start offseason activities on April 6th. The rest of the NFL would then start their schedules on April 20th. Now neither will be taking place until this whole thing blows over.

As far as free agency goes, the NFL is prohibiting the travel of free agents during this time, regardless if they have signed with a team already. They are also restricting team medical personnel from traveling to any potential free agents, as well.

Finally, all NFL teams are to close their facilities to everyone, except players on medical/rehabilitation programs, for at least the next two weeks.