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Could Campen lure Packers OT Bryan Bulaga to the Bolts?

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NFL: Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Well before the recent hiring of new offensive line coach James Campen, I wrote about a number of offensive tackles that the Chargers should look at in free agency this year.

One of those tackles was Bryan Bulaga, the veteran right tackle who worked with Campen from when he was drafted in 2010 until 2017 when Campen took the associate head coach job with the Cleveland Browns.

If Bulaga was already a possible option before, you can certainly start keeping tabs on him now.

The former Big Ten Offensive Linemen of the Year has been “consistent” for the Packers in the sense that he’s been their starter at the position since he was a rookie. However, he has only played in more than 15 in a season three times, twice playing less than 10.

Bulaga is certainly a risk/reward type of player but the Chargers need someone who can step in a immediately that spot. Plus, if the Chargers supposedly hoping to nab a quarterback with some mobility, then even better. Bulaga has experience playing in front of a QB who likes to move around the backfield in Aaron Rodgers.

The relationship between Bulaga and Campen would be synergistic. The Chargers aren’t strangers to synergy as they’ve shown in recent years. Before the 2019 season, Telesco signed quarterback Tyrod Taylor to a 2-year deal which reunited him with his former coach in Buffalo. In 2016, the Chargers drafted fullback Derek Watt out of Wisconsin just a year after drafting the guy he blocked for in running back Melvin Gordon.

The Chargers have proven to try and capitalize on relationships already in place between coaches and players and I think they’ll roll the dice once more once the free agency period begins next month.