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Chargers make their first hire in analytics department

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NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In somewhat shocking news, the LA Chargers have officially made their first hire towards building an analytics team for the franchise in 2020 and beyond.

The Bolts have apparently hired Aditya Krishnan, a former football research analyst for the Cleveland Browns, to lead their analytics department. The Chargers have notoriously been one of the lone teams to refuse to hire and put resources into an analytics department and I’m glad to see that they are finally taking the dive and making a real commitment to change their team and hopefully push the franchise in a better direction from where it’s been over the last decade.

Some notable teams that have publicly relied on analytics in their day-to-day and game-day management have been the Baltimore Ravens (14-2 in 2019), the San Francisco49ers (made it to Super Bowl 54), and the New England Patriots (have won a lot of Super Bowls).

What do you all think about the team finally dipping into the analytics world? Does this signify some more major changes coming to the franchise?