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Chargers Anthony Lynn speaks on Philip Rivers, Tyrod Taylor, and picking 6th

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Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

I have no pictures from either Getty or USA Today featuring Anthony Lynn and Tyrod Taylor together. Maybe that will change in 2020.

Making the media rounds on Tuesday, Lynn went on the Jim Rome show for CBS Radio and was open in discussing all the topics that we’re curious to hear him discuss. Did he give actual insight into the future of the organization, the 2020 starting QB, and what they’ll do with the sixth pick in the draft? Not really. You don’t get the answers you’ll want but then again, we never do until actual news breaks.

But this is a start.

The interview starts around 13:30:

“I hate like hell coming off of a losing season,” is about where Anthony Lynn starts off in the interview and few LA Chargers fans are likely to disagree. But Lynn says he is “Trying to fix the problems right now.”

Lynn says that they learned a lot from a season that included losing six of their last seven and nine games by one score or less. He says that they are looking at the personnel, what the needs and wants are for the franchise, and that he’s excited about some new coaching hires. Lynn also says that they’ll be doing some “new things, system wise.”

An interesting nugget to perhaps take away from today.

“To me a loss is a loss. There are no moral victories,” said Lynn. “It speaks to the locker room that I have, those guys don’t quit, they fight. We have to be put them in a better position to win football games. We did that the first two years but for whatever reason last year, we turned the ball over too much.”

Turnovers is when the conversation turned to Philip Rivers and Tyrod Taylor.

“We’re gonna miss him,” Lynn said of Rivers, citing his personality, work ethic, and being a “pro’s pro.” “I've not been around a player that works harder than Rivers. Sixteen years of having him, you always felt you had a chance to win.”

Lynn says that parting ways was a mutual decision and that both parties are excited by “a new challenge.”

As to Taylor: “People don’t appreciate what he brings to the game. Every year he’s had a chance to start he’s led the league in least amount of turnovers.” Lynn says that teams “lose more games than you win” as in it is mistakes that hurt you more than good plays help you.

“He’s gotten better since the last time I had him.,” Lynn said of Taylor.

“He’s very intelligent. Teammates love him, they’ll follow him. If he’s the guy, I have no problem with that at all.”

These attributes lined up with what Lynn says he will value in looking for the 2020 starter at QB, including patterns in his play, does he value the football, how does he respond to pressure and bounce back from adversity? Lynn says he wants a leader that teammates will look up to, something he said moments earlier about Taylor.

But he also says that he values “production, obviously” and Taylor rarely produced big numbers with the Bills.

Lynn also said that he himself is much more confident and comfortable in his skin as he goes into his fourth year as head coach of the Chargers. He says he is “comfortable in my abilities to put together a winning team and lead an organization.”

As to what they’ll do with the sixth pick in the draft, Lynn has stressed a “BPA” — best player available — mentality. He mentions offensive line, QB, shutdown corner, and that you can never have enough pass rushers.

“We usually take the best available, can’t go wrong with that.” Who will the BPA be at pick six? “That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”