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Jordan Love and Justin Herbert lead eye test for quarterbacks

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 05 Utah State at LSU Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The quarterbacks at the NFL Combine were some of the first players to get measured as they were a part of the initial group to arrive in Indianapolis alongside the wide receivers and running backs.

This is the first time in almost two decades that the Chargers will actually be taking a hard look at quarterbacks and the numbers provided through the measurements are the first of many steps that coaches will take in order to paint the best picture of these prospects that they can prior to April’s draft.

For quarterbacks, scouts want to see height (ability to look over the offensive linemen), hand size (ability to hold on and apply general power/velocity to throws), and general body composition (ability to withstand punishment in the pocket).

Here the numbers for the consensus top quarterbacks in the draft from Monday morning:

We gotta start with Joe Burrow’s numbers and there’s really just one thing of note on this one - his 9-inch hands. If he were anybody else, scouts would make a little red note by that number and keep it in mind going forward. However, this is Joe Burrow we are talking about. No one is going to care because he just completed the greatest season for a college quarterback in the history of the NCAA. He’s got a good height/weight combination and that’s all we need to take from this.

Tua Tagovailoa is going to be the most coveted quarterback in this draft, mostly because he’s the only other “elite” QB in this class and there’s a number of teams, including the Chargers, who could do with his services in 2020. His height isn’t an issue. Both of the last two #1-overall picks were both 6-foot and under so we can brush that under the rug. His weight of 217 will be fine. He’s thicker than a normal quarterback at that height and should be fine in the pocket and when scrambling outside. He’s a lefty so it’s good to see that his larger hand is the one he throws with.

Here’s the guy that everyone thinks the Chargers are going to end up with in April’s draft. Justin Herbert came in at a true 6-foot-6 and a svelt 236 pounds. His weight is notable as he said in an interview down at the Senior Bowl that he played around 225-227 pounds during the season. It’ll be interesting to see how he test with that added weight. His hands get to that 10-inch threshold and he has one of the longer wingspans at the position. You can rest-assure that not many of Hebert’s passes will end up getting deflected at the line of scrimmage.

Jordan love was the winner of the measurements portion of the combine with some eye-popping numbers among the position. He has by-far the largest hands and the longest wingspan of any quarterback to pair with an excellent height/weight combination. He is a dark-horse candidate to break into the top-15 picks and maybe even into top-3 of quarterbacks.

Jalen Hurts’ name gets thrown around a lot with the Chargers simply because he is an athletic quarterback and that’s sort’ve what Anthony Lynn wants at the position. But let me make this clear, he wants a mobile quarterback, not a quarterback that can run. There’s a difference. Hurts needs to come a long way as a pocket passer but he has shown the propensity to churn yards out on the ground, whether through scrambling or designed runs. His measurables are good across the board and it just might be enough for someone to take him on day two of the draft.

Jacob Eason has been paired with the Chargers on several occasions but only in the second or third rounds. Eason has it all when it comes to physical intangibles but it’s the mental ones that will hold him back the most. He’s got one of the strongest arms in this class and the type of mobility Lynn covets but he also recently stated he wants a quarterbacks who “values the football”. When it comes to Eason and some of the throw he often makes, I’m not sure he values it enough for the Chargers to take a chance on him.