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GM Tom Telesco: “I like our internal options.”

Telesco plays coy when asked about the future at QB

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Nine out of ten draft analysts will predict that the Chargers will draft a quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft. With a luxury pick at #6 overall, it’s tough to not see them take a signal-caller that high as it may be the last time for awhile that the team will pick in the top ten.

But if you ask some on the other side of the spectrum, you’ll find a surprising amount of people who believe should invest the sixth pick in a different position, or even trade back to acquire more selections.

One of the latter two ideas may have gotten some extra credibility after a recent radio spot by general manager Tom Telesco, however. The Athletic’s Daniel Popper reported on Tuesday that Telesco stated “I like our internal options” when asked about the Chargers’ future of the quarterback position.

Some, including me, believe that the team could move on just fine with Tyrod Taylor as the starting quarterback next year. With an already established relationships with Lynn and a year within his offense, it would minimize the expected bumps as the franchise transitions into a new era.

And if the team doesn’t do well with Taylor at the helm? That just means they’ll be in a position once again to select the future of the team. But this time, they’ll have a shot at a more sought-after quarterback prospect like Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence or Ohio State’s Justin Fields.

If they decide to trade back, then that just means more potential pieces that can be placed around whomever winds up taking the reigns of this offense into the future.