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Chargers Christmas List: Justin Herbert

Herbert’s certainly on the nice list, so it’s time for Santa to come through with the gifts.

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In our final edition of the Chargers Christmas Lists, we have Justin Herbert and his rather historic wish-list for the big man in red.

To be quite honest, Herbert’s been VERY nice, on and off the field, for the Chargers this year. If there’s anyone who deserves all of the presents this year, it’s him.

On top of Herbert’s Christmas list would certainly be these potential passing records for a rookie quarterback. Will he be able to cement his legacy in these final two outings?

Please Santa, make it happen.

1.) One more passing touchdown to break Baker Mayfield’s record for passing scores set in 2017

Herbert got the fan base’s hearts pumping after he threw his 27th touchdown pass of the season with 19 seconds left in the first half against the Raiders. Unfortunately, the second half (and overtime) bore no additional fruit for the rookie as the team went away from the pass in the fourth quarter and managed just two rushing scores the rest of the way.

The first-year sensation would absolutely explode if the man in red were to deliver just one more passing score for Herbert this week so he can finally stake his claim on one of the best rookie quarterback seasons in NFL history.

2.) Five more total touchdowns to break Cam Newton’s rookie record of 35 total scores set in 2011

I couldn’t believe it when I read it, but Cam Newton scored 14 rushing touchdowns as a rookie. When paired with his 21 passing scores, he set the NFL record for combined touchdowns by a rookie quarterback with 35 during his first year in 2011.

Heading into the final two weeks of the season, Herbert sits at 31 total scores with 27 passing and four rushing. If Herbert could throw for a couple scores each against the Broncos and Chiefs, plus another quarterback sneak for a touchdown, Herbert could get to 36 total touchdowns while adding just that much more to his already historic campaign.

3.) 594 more passing yards to break Andrew Luck’s single-season passing yards record for a rookie set in 2012

To cap off the trifecta of rookie records, Herbert needs to average 297 passing yards per game in his final two games to break Andrew Luck’s record of 4,374 that he set back in 2012.

The most amazing part about Herbert being so close to setting all of these records is that he’s done it all while playing in one fewer game than either Newton or Luck. Could you imagine if Herbie had three more games to score five total touchdowns or throw for another ~600 yards? It would all but be set in stone that he would achieve those feats and rewrite the record books. Unfortunately that’s not the case, but he’s still oh-so close to doing it anyway.