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Tyrod Taylor will not file grievance against team doctor

Good guy, Tyrod.

Los Angeles Chargers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, NFL insider Ian Rapoport reported that quarterback Tyrod Taylor will not be filing a grievance against the team or the team’s doctor after a pain-killing shot ending in a punctured lung just hours before the team’s Week 2 contest against the Chiefs. Taylor needed to file the grievance within a 60-day window following the incident.

It was a really tough and unfortunate incident that many deem as the lone reason why Justin Herbert is even playing at all during his rookie season. Taylor was the starter all through the offseason and even led the Bolts to a win over the Bengals in their first game of the year.

But after 10 weeks and many rookie records later, it’s tough not to think the shot — as unfortunate as it was — didn’t just accelerate the inevitable takeover by Herbert.

It’s tough to say whether the Chargers would be in a better place right now if Taylor continued as the starter since Herbert has done a decent job of protecting the football, and some might say it’s been Herbert’s ability to move the offense that has kept them in many of their games throughout this season.

Either way, it’s good that all parties will be able to move on from this traumatic incident.