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Day after open thread: Falcons saved Chargers from themselves

The Bolts almost gave it away, but the Falcons didn’t want it, either.

Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Good morning, everyone, and happy Victory Monday!

The Los Angeles Chargers managed to scrape by and beat their NFC equivalent in the Atlanta Falcons with a last-second field goal from Michael Badgley.

There were three total interceptions thrown in the fourth quarter with two coming by way of Matt Ryan and one by Justin Herbert. It was a vicious seesawing between the two clubs to see who could literally throw the game away better than the other.

Luckily, the Bolts’ Michael Davis said “I’m done with this,” before picking off Ryan’s third interception of the day. Herbert then led the Chargers down the field and into field goal range with just three passes, including a big 25-yard toss to Tyron Johnson.

The 43-yard, game-winning kick by Badgley was surely a confidence builder and the fan base hopes that this means things will turn around for the once rock-solid specialist.

As always, feel free to discuss, vent, and type out your thoughts in the comments below!