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Open Fantasy Football Thread: Anyone on track for the playoffs?

Any other fantasy addicts in the house?

Los Angeles Chargers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Good morning, everyone and happy Tuesday!

Just to mix things up around here, I thought it’d be fun to put something up for all of you fantasy heads who want another place to talk about your teams and discuss this week’s matchups, the fantasy playoffs, etc.

Personally, I am in six leagues this year. Two of them are on ESPN (one keeper, one redraft), two on Yahoo (both redraft), and two on Sleeper (both dynasty leagues).

My keeper league, which is my main league for big money, won’t be decided until after Wednesday’s game between the Ravens and Steelers. If I hold on to my current lead, I’ll be tied for first place with four different people and will have won each of my matchups this week in every league.

Some of my biggest hits this year have been Adam Thielen, Kyler Murray, Mark Andrews, D.K. Metcalf, and Keenan Allen (duh) while I’ve been pretty good at working the waiver wire. Guys like Kalen Ballage, Gio Bernard, and Diontae Johnson have all come through big for me.

My biggest misses have got to be Zeke Elliott and OBJ. I can’t believe I trusted Beckham to be better than he was last year. I deserve all the pain for that.

But like I said, feel free to talk fantasy in the comments below. I may hop in as well if I’m not too busy today because I truly could talk fantasy for hours.

Enjoy the day, everyone!