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Chargers LAtely Ep. 25: Hate Week has arrived

Las Vegas Raiders v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! I hope you all treated yourselves this week and took it as easy as possible. Because besides the obvious “big thing” that is still taking place, I’m sure most of you didn’t exactly get over this past Sunday and the incredible debacle we were all forced to witness.

For this week, we teamed up with Bill Williamson, our Raiders guy here at SB Nation, to talk everything that’s surrounding both of these teams. For those who don’t know, Bill’s been around the block and he actually covered the entire AFC West for ESPN from 2008-2013.

He certainly knows his stuff and we had a blast just shooting the breeze about what the heck is going on with the Chargers. Since Bill was covering the team for majority of the Norv Turner era, he had some fun nuggets to share in that regard, as well.

Enjoy the show! We’ll see you on Sunday!