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Chargers Daily Links: Bolts earn generous “C-” grade in latest loss

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Los Angeles Chargers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Like every week, I’m here with the latest game grade for the Chargers from CBS Sports’ John Breech.

In “not surprising at all but slightly surprising” news, the Bolts were given a “C-” for their latest performance against the Bills on Sunday in a 27-17 loss that felt a lot uglier than the final score shows.

“It was not a terrible performance by the offense or the defense,” said Breech. “Joey Bosa went ballistic with all three of Los Angeles’ sacks. The Chargers were unable to achieve any level of success on the ground and their inability to convert on third down ultimately sunk their ship. The defense did a great job forcing turnovers in the fourth quarter to give the offense a chance but the offense was never able to cash in on those opportunities. Justin Herbert did top 300 passing yards for the sixth time in 10 games but Anthony Lynn would like to avoid his young quarterback throwing 50-plus passes in a single game.”

I could have easily foreseen a “D” or even an “F” after yesterday’s debacle. Yes, it was just a 10-point loss, but the momentum-crushing penalties and mind-numbingly bad decisions in game management could seem to pile up by the time the clock hit zero.

I mean, when the entirety of Twitter is calling the Chargers coaching staff “dumb” or something synonymous, there’s a blatant and obvious problem.

I think if this were any other team, that game might have been a fireable offense — well, maybe not the Jets. But as of right now, it looks like Anthony Lynn will have his job through the rest of the season because I can’t think of anything that would force ownership to clean house now if this season already hasn’t been enough.

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