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Chargers vs Bills game thread

It’s game day, baby!

Buffalo Bills v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Good morning Chargers fans! I bet it’s a bit earlier than you normally wake up, huh?

Well, that’s what the Bolts get to deal with today: a cold and early football game. It’s not the best mixture of circumstances, but there’s no better time to prove this team’s mettle than with today’s contest.

The Bills are 7-3 and have their team running on premium gas as of late. Josh Allen has 27 of his team’s 31 offensive touchdowns on the season and his favorite target is first-year Bill wideout Stefon Diggs.

The Bolts get running back Austin Ekeler back for the first time since Week 4. RB1 is as motivated as ever to get back on the field and do something electric, so hopefully Anthony Lynn lets his lead back do his thing.

In the uniform department, the Chargers are rocking their navy alternate kits for the second time this season.

Enjoy the game and feel free to discuss the game below!

Bolt up, baby!